Meet Us

Partners & Directors

Declan Connolly
FCCA | Director
Has he ever told you he was a butcher?! Not the usual path to being an accountant. He overuses his small repertoire of jokes & quotes - see if you can understand them!
Pam Connolly
MA Hons | Director
Pam is terrified of planes and mice (pilot son hasn’t helped) but that doesn’t stop her flying to the Irish shed where the mice keep house.
Fern Connolly
ACCA | Managing Partner
Zoe Jones
BSc FCA | Director
Zoe is a Yorkshire lass who bell rings and organises the village soirees. Refreshments are supplied by her own brewery; what else would you expect from an accountant?
Samantha Jack
FCCA MAAT | Director
Sam is the kindest person in the office and has the fun job of managing the accountants. Sam has a dog which has the urge to eat things it shouldn't, usually a pair of socks!
Phillippa Martin
Phillippa has so many letters after name, her aim is to have the whole alphabet. She has a good memory for film quotes and often comes out with one liners - here's looking at you kid!

Admin & Support

Alice Burt
Office Manager
Alice has everyone well trained about her fear of bananas, it is even part of the induction process for new members of the team. Our very own jukebox, who likes to whistle while she works.
Karen Gristwood
Regulatory & Admin Manager
Karen is Dr. Dolittle, if there is ever an animal in distress, she is there to rescue it. She spent 20 minutes once to save a bee. We quite often hear her squawking and squealing only to realise she is talking to birds!
Alana Slater
Admin Assistant


David Dawks
ACA | Accounts Assistant Manager
David is our own little crooner, he has even sung on stage with Russell Watson; he has put away the microphone and can now often be found throwing himself down drizzly Welsh mountainsides on two wheels.
Daniel Rust
ACCA | Accounts & Tax Assistant Manager
Miguel Andaya
MAAT | Senior Accountant
Josh Jameson
MAAT | Senior Accountant
Josh is a Devonshire ginger; gingers can produce their own Vitamin D, so brings a little of coastal sunshine to the office each day – but is he jam or cream first?
Annette Smyth
FCCA | ATT | Senior Accountant
Our very own champion volunteer, Annette has run 2 marathons being a guide for a visually impaired runner. She loves chocolate, so is our real-life Forrest Gump.
Julie Graham
MAAT | Senior Accountant
Julie is our resident thespian appearing in all manner of productions from Calendar girls to Cinderella. She also owns a watch to match her every outfit!
Melissa Foxon
AAT | Accountant
Melissa is a zumbaholic. Hooting & hollering, shaking and shimmying; roll on the Christmas party!
Thomas Blow
MAAT | Accountant
Ambition is to visit every capital city in Europe, along the way picking up very expensive trainers. Seeing as Tom got caught speeding on a driving lesson, maybe he should get running trainers instead of fashion ones.
Josh Bridges
Josh is very accident prone, keeps a spare pair of crutches in the car ‘just in case.’ Claims he would have gone pro in footy if it wasn’t for the knee injury – that old cliché.
Ben Sicorello
Ben’s full name is Benito Vincenzo Sicorello. If that isn’t Italian enough he consumes so much pizza he has tomato sauce running through his veins. Ben joined us at 16. Teaching the ‘oldies’ how to be down with the kids. Enjoys a Nando’s with his mates, in-between studying for his AAT qualification.
Sabatina Cerrone

Management Accounts

Sam Rumens
ACA MAAT | Management Accounts, Bookeeping & Payroll Manager
Having been born and bred in Northampton and very loyal to his town, it’s surprising that Sam chooses to support Wealdstone FC, travelling miles every week to more often than not watch them lose - “You’ve got no fans!”.
Bradley Small
Management Accounts Assistant Manager
Bradley likes to pretend he is participating in a demolition derby on every car journey, he has a direct line to his insurance company! We can always trust that he will have left the kitchen cleaner than he found it, our very own Mr Mop!
Stuart Lewis
Management Accountant
You can always count on Stuart to make you laugh, with the cheesiest dad jokes you have ever heard. Stuart loves football, beer, and his dog. You can always count on him giving you a little pup talk.
Elliot Peacock
Management Accountant


Caroline Baldry
MAAT | Assistant Manager
If you’re ever in doubt Caroline is our happy to help Nellie the elephant who never forgets. Likes a caramel latte preferably with cake!
Louise Bosher
Louise our Sporty Spice – loves cycling, running and swimming. She also likes frothy coffee.
Daniel Boyles
Daniel unfortunately suffers from pittakionophobia but lucky for him we stick by him even though he doesn’t like pasta and supports Norwich.
Charlotte Matthews
Lewis Barclay


Sammie Jewell
Senior Payroll Assistant
What a character, no party or get together is ever quiet with Sammie around. She entertains us with her version of the Lion King – her roar is scary – Hakuna Matata.
Naomi Higgs
Payroll Assistant
Naomi enjoys organising children’s fund raiser events and also prefers to be called Nay. She would be perfect for the horse in the children’s Christmas panto!
Sally Byatt
Payroll Assistant
Like the sunshine during the rain, Sally sees a rainbow wherever she goes. As a Rainbow and Brownies leader Sally does her best to keep the Brownie guide promise.

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