Meet Us


Samantha Jack

FCCA MAAT/Director


Ben Aiston-Essex

BA Hons| Accountant

Ben is our resident pirate; aka ‘The Bearded Wonder.’ He has a ginger beard, loves rum, walks like he has a wooden leg, but ironically hates birds. He’ll give it some heave-ho to save you pieces of eight.

Image 69

Caroline Baldry

MAAT | Accountant

If you’re ever in doubt Caroline is our happy to help Nellie the elephant who never forgets. Likes a caramel latte preferably with cake!

Image 68

Charlotte Parker

AAT | Accountant

Charlotte is the real life Disney “Tangled” princess with her own horse, Lady Pouchegore and her Prince Charming. She tackles clients accounts like her own Kingdom issues – responsibly and fairly.

Image 51

Christian Holley

BA Hons | Accountant

Christian has gone from impoverished student to owner of a status symbol car in the blink of an eye. He signed the contract before he had even received his first pay cheque.


Erika Vessey

Management Accountant

Erika tries to be down with the kids but has recently started to show her age after losing her car keys after a few glasses of prosecco. She has scared others into making her regular ‘crack’ coffees after revealing her previous life in the Navy. We all wonder what she keeps in that rucksack next to her desk…

Image 47

James Robinson

Marketing & Admin Manager

James is our very own ‘Chris Froome’ – mad on cycling. How we laugh at his tan lines after he has been out on this bike all weekend!

Image 46

Jan Masters


Jan has always “gorra lorra work” on! She has been the office matriarch for 13 years but has always been in her mid forties!


John Samarakone

Management Accountant

Image 44

Julie Graham

MAAT | Accountant

Julie is our resident thespian appearing in all manner of productions from Calendar girls to Cinderella. She also owns a watch to match her every outfit!


Karen Gristwood

PA/Admin Assistant

Karen is Dr. Dolittle, if there is ever an animal in distress, she is there to rescue it. She spent 20 minutes once to save a bee.  We quite often hear her squawking and squealing only to realise she is talking to birds and gets us all to spend tuppence a day!

Image 54

Kim Cooper


Kim has recently purchased a Vespa and a Chug (dog). She plans to travel the country on her new scooter with the tiny dog in a special sling.

Image 56

Laura West


Laura’s standards for a cuppa are so high not even she can achieve them.

Image 57

Louise Bosher

Accounts Assistant

Louise our Sporty Spice – loves cycling, running and swimming. She also likes frothy coffee.

Image 58

Lucy Underwood

ACCA | Senior Accountant

Lucy has been accounting for 8 years and during that time became a mum. The baby brain set in well before then as she thought America was in Europe -stick to the number crunching Lucy.


Magda Wojtowicz


Magda is originally from Radom, Poland and moved to the UK in 2008. Poles have remarkable work ethic and as the Polish saying goes: ‘No work, no cake.’ Luckily Magda does not feel guilty about any pleasures because she has never said no to cake!

Image 60

Melissa Foxon

AAT | Accountant

Melissa is a zumbaholic. Hooting & hollering, shaking and shimmying; roll on the Christmas party!

Image 61

Naomi Higgs

Payroll Assistant

Naomi enjoys organising children’s fund raiser events and also prefers to be called Nay. She would be perfect for the horse in the children’s Christmas panto!

Image 64

Sam Mayes

Senior Management Accountant

Sam is as blunt as a bowling ball. He is also as sharp as a bowling ball. His personality is like a bowling ball; hard on the outside and softer on the inside. But don’t ask him ‘Do I look fat in this?’ as you may not get the answer you were hoping for!

Image 65

Sammie Jewell

Payroll Assistant

Sammie is still a teenager but not for much longer. She will have to kick those teenage habits of mad spontaneous excursions and spending sprees when she hits 20. We wait for her tales of silly antics every Monday.

Image 66

Trina Armiger

Payroll Manager

Trina is the crazy chicken lady who never stops laughing. She loves yoga but is mindful that even after a few glasses of wine some poses are still impossible.

Image 67

Wendy Tyler

BA Hons MAAT | Bookkeeper

Wendy is learning to speak Italian and to sail in Croatia – is May Day the same in every language?