Virtual Finance Director

  • Extremely efficient and focused on what they are doing for you.

    Gary White, Director - Gillman & Soame

  • Connolly Accountants want my company to succeed, take a genuine interest and a positive influence on our success.

    David Lloyd, Director - Lloyds Concepts & Solutions

  • Reliable, friendly and professional service.

    David Tomlin, Director - The Car Workshop Ltd

  • You are never alone with the numbers, Declan is never far from his mobile.

    Dr Kim Lloyd, CEO & Founder - Ugg Foods Ltd

  • Quick response, a depth of knowledge and a very nice tea.

    Rob Lewis, Director - Totalsim Limited

  • As ever - you are a step ahead!!! This is why I LOVE having an accountant!!

    Emiy Gray, Director - Brixi Ltd

  • I do not know any other accountant who takes calls late in the evenings and weekends or replies to emails as and when you need it.

    Paulo Matos, Director - Marshalls Estate Agents Ltd

  • I know that I have a trusted advisor at the end of the phone...

    Matthew Ballinger, CEO - Fusemetrix Group Ltd

  • Friendly, professional, efficient.

    Allen O'Shea, Director - The Pickled Pig Pub Limited

  • I am always happy to recommend Declan's services to business acquaintances with total confidence.

    John Warner, Director - Plantation Coffee Ltd

An experienced finance director in an affordable way

As a business owner, no doubt one of the things you like best is that you have control. You can set your own working hours, craft your business strategy, regulate your workload (at least to some extent!) and determine your own finances. And being the master of all of these things is a wonderful and liberating feeling.

However, critical to running a successful business is knowing and understanding its timely and accurate financial information. Accurate numbers mean better business decisions. You and your team should be able to deliver and interpret management accounting information throughout the year.

Does your management team have this expertise? Handing over your company’s finances to someone more experienced in accountancy than you are means you will have more time to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Although you are relinquishing some of that cherished control it should reap huge rewards in the long run:

  • Qualified decision making
  • Better focus on strategy & operations
  • Increased level of accounting expertise
  • Regulatory compliance maintained
  • Eliminated peak time staffing issues

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